Spaced Repetition (SRS) Flash Cards

A flash card SRS (spaced repetition system) is a method of studying where flashcards are used to review information at increasing intervals of time. The idea is that when you review the information more frequently, it will be fresh in your mind and you will be less likely to forget it.

The SRS software will track your progress, and as you become more proficient with the material, it will increase the intervals between reviews.

This way, the information that you find most difficult will be reviewed more often, while the information that you find easy will be reviewed less frequently.

The system is based on the idea that the spacing effect, which states that information is better retained if it is studied in multiple sessions and spaced out over time.

Suggested Workflow

1.) Add New Cards: Every day, pick a deck and click the "Add Cards To Active Studying List" button. This adds new cards your queue of cards you're actively wanting to learn.

We suggest adding only 5-10 new cards per day to prevent becoming overloaded with reviews as you add more cards over time.

2.) Study New Cards: After you add cards, study them! Be honest when you mark "Correct" or "Wrong" to get the best results.

3.) Reviews: After studying a card once, it will be "due" again some time in the future. The amount of time will vary depending on how often you've seen that card before, and how difficult it has been for your to learn (i.e., how many times you've clicked the "Wrong" button).

4.) Stay On Top Of Your Reviews!: Be sure to check back on the website at least once a day to study all your "Due" cards. For optimal learning, you should try to finish reviewing all "Due" cards each day. If you feel overloaded, try adding fewer cards in a day, or use the "Workload" button for more advanced options.